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Krypton KNBK5111 Insect Killer 6 Watts - Black

Krypton KNBK5111 Insect Killer 6 Watts - Black
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Krypton KNBK5111 Insect Killer 6 Watts - Black
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AUTOMATIC FUNCTIONING This bug killer works automatically. House flies and mosquitoes are attracted by the unique color of the UV light and octanol, fly towards the tubes. When the bug comes in contact with one of its tubes it is immediately killed by the electrified rod. NON-POLLUTION, HEALTHFUL, LIGHTWEIGHT This mosquito killer poses no health hazards, however, children should avoid going near it. As the rods are electrified, it can be dangerous if touch carelessly. This device is lightweight and can easily be hanged at your desired place. The light is strong enough to attract insects but not too strong to actually disturb your sleep on a night. 6WTUBE It has a 6W tube fixed inside which is an Ultra Violet light that glows with a bright purple color. This tube can be replaceable. HOW DOES IT WORK This indoor device is designed to lure flies, mosquitoes and other annoying insect pests to the grid where they will be immediately zapped. It ships with a ultraviolet bulbs which are especially designed to attract flying insects. A protective guard prevents people and pets from accidentally touching the grid. FEATURES Protective cage to prevent accidental contact with grid by people or pets. Powerful electronic grid. Designed for indoor use: living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, enclosed garage, cafe, restaurant, store, office, hospital etc.

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