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Modern men can't imagine a life without comfort and a house without electrical appliances or kitchen appliances is equally unimaginable. It is almost impossible for most of us to get through a day without using the microwave ovens, stoves, coffee makers, blenders, and even refrigerators. These are the type of convenience that helps us enjoy the comfort of life in different ways. Hence it is equally important to invest in kitchen appliances and home electronics like any other electronic appliance. lets you shop from any location in UAE by skimming through a wide range of latest models of kitchen appliances online in Dubai from the top brands in the world.

Some of the common kitchen appliances that every home in the UAE should have included; 


In a country like the UAE with such a hot climate, a refrigerator is something that every home should have. Refrigerators not just helps you preserve food from spoiling but also offer you with cool water and beverage whenever you want. The modern-day refrigerators come in different colors and sizes making it easier to fit even within the limited space at your workplace. The latest models of refrigerators come with various settings and options making it easier for you to purchase the same as per your requirements.

 Some of the most popular varieties of refrigerators include the double door, freezer, refrigerator, and single door refrigerator which comes in size ranging from 51L to 500L and above. Place your orders for kitchen accessories through online shopping in UAE from the comfort of your home to get it delivered at your doorstep.


Juicers are always an essential part of kitchen appliances. With the passing time, the type and models of juicers have also varied greatly depending on the specific requirement of each individual. Two of the best models of juicers that you can buy online from the wide range of kitchen appliances in Dubai include the centrifugal juicers, which crushes the materials that are put inside with their fast-spinning metal blades to the base which strains the juice by separating the pulp from the juice and the slow juicer or better known as the masticating juicers that finely chop the fruits and vegetables into pieces by sustaining its nutrients. In slow juicers, the fruits are mashed slowly and then it is passed through a filter and then into the jug. If you are a juice lover and is planning to buy home appliance online, juicers are a must in the list.


A kitchen is always incomplete without a stove. If it is to prepare food or even heat any food items the need for a stove in inevitable; thus it is an important element of kitchen appliances. If you are planning to buy kitchen appliances online in Dubai with a stove in the list, it is necessary that you know more about the 2 main types of stoves available in the market now - the gas stoves and electric stoves. The gas stove functions in the gas which is both cost-effective and more efficient in cooking. Whereas the electric stoves as its names suggest work on electricity and this stove has a more fashionable design with a flat top. Browse through some of the best models and designs of stoves online in enjoying the best online shopping in UAE.

 Kitchen electronics have gained popularity mainly due to its small size and improving the design. If you are planning to update your kitchen appliances from the comfort of your home, enjoy shopping at from a wide range of best home appliances online from a list of top brands.

Brand: Bompani Model: (BEO120)
Product Features: Brand: BompaniModel Number: BEO120Color: BlackVoltage: 220-240 VOven Capacity: 120 LtrsShipping Weight: 18 KgTemperature Control: 100-250CFrequency: 50/60 HzWattage: 2800 W..
520.00 AED 530.00 AED
Ex Tax:520.00 AED
Brand: Krypton Model: KNB5315
POWERFUL MOTOR, OVERHEAT PROTECTION - The 500W power of this 2-in-1 blender allows you to cope with hard fruits & vegetables, ideal for creating quick, easy, nutritious drinks and smoothies on the go - simply load, blend and go! Multi-function mixer also has to overheat protection, strong heat d..
94.00 AED
Ex Tax:94.00 AED
Brand: Krypton Model: KNB5311
About this itemElegantly designed, the Krypton 550 watts Mixer Grinder enables you to prepare your meals with ease and comfort. It has 2 convenient mixer grinder jugs with fixed blades for different applications. Made with a twist lock jar and motor unit with nylon couplings for great durability. A ..
155.00 AED
Ex Tax:155.00 AED
Brand: Krypton Model: KNB6206
3-IN-1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL BLENDER: Comes with a chopper and mill attachment along with 1.5L blender jar that lets you coarsely chop vegetables, nuts, spices, and coffee beans for all your recipes.STAINLESS STEEL CUTTING BLADES - With these long span blades made of stainless steel, you can cut all kinds..
236.00 AED
Ex Tax:236.00 AED
Brand: Krypton Model: KNSM6229
DESCRIPTIONSPLASH GUARD - The splash guard with an access hatch that fits on top when helps adds ingredients during processing without making a mess. All accessories are dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleaning.5L LARGE CAPACITY BOWL WITH HANDLES - Stainless steel bowl can meet all your kitchen n..
230.00 AED
Ex Tax:230.00 AED
Brand: Krypton Model: KNSM6242
HighlightsSTURDY & SAFE BOWL - Highly durable bowl with fine polish, thick and safe, ensure the health of you and your family; Large capacity meets normal kitchen needs and easily makes cakes, breads, cookies, salad dressing, etcTilt-head design makes the bowl and attachments very easy to instal..
74.00 AED
Ex Tax:74.00 AED
Brand: Krypton Model: KNBK5071
DESCRIPTIONProduct Description:Create a wonderful atmosphere for you and your family with the Krypton Insect KillerKills insects automatically and avoids odorsCompact and lightweight design ensures easy fittingConstructed with sturdy and durable heavy duty material..
72.00 AED
Ex Tax:72.00 AED
Brand: Krypton Model: KNBK5111
Product descriptionAUTOMATIC FUNCTIONING This bug killer works automatically. House flies and mosquitoes are attracted by the unique color of the UV light and octanol, fly towards the tubes. When the bug comes in contact with one of its tubes it is immediately killed by the electrified rod. NON-POLL..
39.00 AED
Ex Tax:39.00 AED
Brand: Krypton Model: KNHP5309
The Need of Every Home, Ultimate in Cooking Convenience. A hot plate is extremely useful to have, whether you plan to use it as a short-term solution or a long-term fixture. A versatile solution for temporary use in place for your usual cooker, it provides relief from continuous microwave meals at t..
33.00 AED
Ex Tax:33.00 AED
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